Stories of Storytelling: An Introduction

Today’s post is all about Stories of Storytelling, an interview series with writers that I’ll be starting on this blog soon. I wanted to tell you about it and why I have decided to do it as a project, as it’s a little different from most of the content I generally run on this blog.

What is the series about?

In this blog series, I shall interview writers about their experience of writing, the creative process and reading. Each post will be a long form interview with a writer. I will ask them about writing and reading, as well as giving them the opportunity to tell our readers about any upcoming books or other projects.

I hope that it will help writers to experience a range of perspectives on the creative process and find out about some of the wonderful writers that exist in the world.

Why have I decided to do this series?

I love in depth interviews with writers about the experience of writing, because I think they can be great as a writer.

Firstly, they can help you to know you’re not alone on the weird and wonderful adventure that is writing.

Secondly, they can be extremely useful and I’ve learnt a lot from them. It helps to know how other people approach writing, because it can give you ideas about how to better your own craft and overcome any obstacles you may be facing.

If you’re not familiar with what I mean, try First Draft. It’s a podcast and I think, the first of this nature I listened to. If you’re looking for something a bit broader, since First Draft specifically focuses on children’s authors, try 88 Cups of Tea and Creator’s Cast.

This blog is sometimes very disability focussed, which is important in the context of getting representation right, but I also want to help writers with writing in general. This series will be all about that.

Who can be interviewed and how can they get involved


This is one section of the blog that’s not going to be strictly disability focused. All writers are welcome to take part, especially diverse writers though you do not have to disclose information about that diversity unless you want to, self published writers and independently published writers. You do not have to be disabled, however disabled people are extremely welcome and I am happy to do everything I can to make the interview process as accessible and comfortable for you as possible.

For those of you who may wonder why I’ve chosen to deviate slightly from my generally disability focused creative content, it’s because I think the most important aspect of this project for me, is documenting the variety of ways in which we experience the creative process, to prove that there is more than one way to write and that everyone’s writing journey is valuable.

I did not see the point of restricting this to writers who are openly disabled. There will be disabled writers out there who aren’t openly disabled who will benefit from using this platform to share their work. There are also writers from other diverse backgrounds and/or whose work doesn’t get the publicity it deserves who will benefit from being publicised on this platform.

There will be another interview series at some point about the experience of being disabled and a writer, which I will announce when I’ve planned it more. Disabled writers are welcome to participate in both.

If you are interested in being interviewed for this series, please email: or use the contact form to email me.


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