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If you’d like to contact me, I’ll be happy to hear from you. I am happy for you to let me know about anything you think I should be covering that’s relevant to the blog, any resources that I can list, anything you’re doing that you think may be relevant to me and/or my readers, anything you’d like me to consider getting involved with, just to give general feedback such as suggestions or anything else I may have missed on this list.


That said, I’m publishing my blog email, so there are a couple of rules I’d like you to obide by. If you don’t you will be ignored.


Firstly, do not add my blog email to your mailing list. If you do, I will unsubscribe where possible but generally just ignore any correspondence you ever send me. Secondly, if you’ve emailed about something and either you haven’t had a response or I’ve chosen to decline your request or suggestion, do not keep repeatedly emailing me about the same thing. If you’ve emailed me, I will get back to you when I can, if I deem that appropriate. If it has been a while and you’re not sure if I’ve received the email, you are welcome to send an email asking if I received your previous email, but please leave it at that.


You can email me at:


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Thanks for visiting my blog and for your interest in contacting me. I look forward to hearing from you.